What IS The Best Time To Post Your Social Media?

There are plenty of stats, information available and people around telling you to post at certain times, on certain days for Facebook, or Instagram etc but what is right for your product, service or industry? But of course, you want people to engage too – so you want it to be right!

This is where you have to know your brand, your product, your service – and know it well! Research it, research your audience. Know what they want and know when they sleep. Do they sleep?

Your product/service audience changes with each platform. There are various sources of information that are collated from the web but here is mine..

I hope you find this useful. Are the timings in line with your product or service too? Do email me or leave your comment and let me know and which platform is similar (or different). Let’s see how we align, or differ with our social media management.

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