My Story

For too many years that I can remember I have worked for various companies as an Administrative clerk, Secretary and PA, working my way up the ladder so to speak and trying to find success in the highest position available in my ‘trade’. I raised my family whilst working, as I was a single parent for the majority of years and learned how to become very organized; juggling a household, finances and learned how to balance the work/life balance to its utmost!

As time moved on, my family flew the nest and I concentrated on developing my career. I moved into the care sector – still writing reports, admin skills being at the fore, proofreading, typing, negotiation skills and so on until I chose to have a cycling holiday to watch the Tour de France in 2010 to break away from it all.  I barely got to the front of the railings, I had a non-cycling accident and broke 3 vertebrae and spent the next few weeks in hospital in France.  All I remember is asking for my Dad and children and wanting to come home.

My attitude to life changed following that point as I went through investigations to see if I was going to be paralysed, walk again, recover from the excruciating pain I was in and I just wanted to be at home with my family.

As I was granted this second chance of life, I knew that I needed a life-plan. I knew that my life was not all about throwing my ‘all’ into my work until I dropped and was gasping for the one and only holiday of the year.

How have I changed? Since that accident, I have worked towards spending time with people I want to be with, raising my family to be happy, healthy, fun people and I am happy they are living their own lives and raising their own families now, I have changed my working ethos from being employed to taking a journey from PA to VA, so I now have the flexibility of working around my family, my life and my commitments. I spend my time with my children, my loving, ever supportive partner, my extended family and last but not least my gorgeous Grandson!

If you want to take advantage of my Virtual Assistant services, then head on over to my website NottmVA for ways to contact me for a free confidential chat/brief for ways on how I can help you delegate your tasks so that you can have some work/life balance too!

Providing business administration so you don’t have to!

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