NottmVA Pricing Structure for 2019/20

Ad hoc Projects – Pay As You Go

NottmVA charges £30 per hour on a Pay As You Go contract and each task is provided with a booking form (or contract).  A completely flexible arrangement, with no ongoing commitments (unless you wish to have an ongoing contract), a client only uses NottmVA as and when they have a requirement to do so. Nottmva invoices you at the end of the month (deposit required for new clients) and only charges for the time you have used. (time-tracked).


Retainer Packages

There are four retainer packages available. Please see below:

NottmVA Pricing 2019

Transcription / Audio Typing Pricing

Transcription / Audio Typing

Business Administration Support

The majority of your bespoke and/or ongoing projects and business administration can be managed through one of the packages detailed above. However, if you require something outside of NottmVA’s pricing package, then please get in touch to discuss.


Social Media Management

As a Virtual Assistant, NottmVA can manage your social media support for you. If you require this service, please contact NottmVA to discuss options for your business. These packages are suitable for Small Businesses and/or Sole Traders, who require the benefit of having a visual presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook but do not have the time to manage it for themselves. Pricing depends on the level of support or services you require NottmVA to manage on your behalf.

Additional Pricing Information

Time-tracking recording software is used to track the actual minutes NottmVA is working on your business, so you are invoiced for the actual time NottmVA spend on your work.

These prices are are in conjunction with my Terms and Conditions/Contract provided at the time of booking and cannot be carried over from month to month.

Prices are valid from 1st April 2019 – 31st March 2020

Prices will be reviewed on 1 April each year.