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Meet Angela

Welcome to NottmVA, my name is Angela Bolster and I’m an Executive Virtual Assistant having niched down to specialising into the area of Health, Wellness and Medical sectors. 

I developed my career into being a Virtual Assistant after working for many, many years in the administrative work of being a Medical Secretary, PA/EA and a Personal Assistant (amongst others) to hospital Consultants.

I have worked long, hard hours to learn many skills, differing careers too and before I go on to tell you about how I can assist you in your business support administration in some form or another, let me tell you a little about my background.


My parents’ upbringing and the ethics and morals that they instilled within me has created a passion of a family equilibrium – which is where I find my solace. So, let me get organising, time-managing, formatting etc… ha ha! 


Some things about me that you may not know:

I was once a Conference and Events Planner, a Social Worker and also a Massage Therapist too. A strange mix of careers you would think for a secretary huh? Well, maybe I was just finding my way, but hey, we all have to experiment with something to find ourselves, don’t we? It has though, defined me, educated me, and given me many skills, experience and a broad knowledge of the wider world that I would not have had if I had remained working in the sectors and/or locations I was previously – so I am a better person for that. 


On a more personal note:

I have recently become married to my soulmate this year (2019). A Valentine’s Day Wedding – and the weather was most kind to us indeed. I am a very proud mother of two young men who are successful in their own right now, and Grandmother to a lovely young Grandson. Oh so proud! That’s a new venture, I can tell you. He sure does keep me on my toes.

I am so passionate about my close family, that one of the reasons that I chose to become a Virtual Assistant was to be able to be flexible enough to be around for childcare for my Grandson and offer that much-needed support. A great reason that working remotely allows you to be flexible.

This is also why I can offer the expertise and knowledge to not only my wider family, but also to my client-base too, as being a Social Worker, and working in the sectors explained previously I have gained transferable skills and knowledge in abundance.

I look forward to engaging with you in the near future.

Be Happy!



Mum and Dad

Photographs courtesy of Jo Welch Photography